Our Mission

Our mission from day one has always been to provide outstanding service in an industry that we feel is under-serviced and over-charged.  This is something we immediately noticed about 25 years ago when we first started writing custom background check software solutions and had to interface with other background check software platforms.  That is actually what motivated us to create our own platform and abandon writing custom solutions.

We have built our company based on the following principles:

  • Provide the absolute best customer service we possibly can.
  • Provide a software solution that has all the required features that both CRAs and Wholesale Background check companies need and design it in a fashion that the users do not need an engineering degree to use it.
  • Provide a software solution at a fair price so not to make our clients feel that they are being penalized for being successful by having to pay high software fees.  Our fee structure can offer up to about a 60% savings for most Background Check Companies and in some cases can save them more depending on what kind of hidden fees the other background check platforms charge.
  • Release features that clients are actually going to use.  Surprisingly many platforms release features just for the purpose of releasing features with no feedback from their clients.  This makes the software needlessly difficult
  • Never create policy that forces our clients cost of business to increase.
  • Be vendor neutral.  Many of the platforms inject themselves in between their client and their vendors by forcing the vendors to pay them transaction fees to integrate to their platform.   This policy increases the cost of business to the vendor forcing many of them to pass that cost onto their client.  DigitalDelve will integrate to any vendor without charging that vendor transaction fees unless that vendor does not meet our data collection requirements or we feel that there is something questionable about that vendors business practices.



Powerful & Simple Interface

No Pricey Transaction Fees

Personalized Customer Service

Easy Screening. Intuitive Platform.

Modern background check software designed for efficiency.

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