Delve Risk Assess

Easily See Problem Areas

Delve Risk Assess allows the CRA to create client-specific acceptance criteria that can be implemented into their quality assurance processes. Used in conjunction with the Delve Alert Matrix, if any service you are doing a risk assessment review on alerts, you have the option to send the order to a criteria review status in which you can review the results along with the client criteria to determine if that search meets their acceptance criteria. If the alerted service does meet the client’s acceptance criteria, you can remove the alert.

Searches that do not meet the client acceptance criteria are presented to the client with the overall applicant assessment in the client Risk Assess plugin. Your client can easily see the problem area and determine whether they will accept or reject the applicant. Based on their decision, if the client is using Delve Risk Notifications, they may send out the appropriate notifications to the client with a single click.

Create client-specific acceptance criteria
Easily review results
One-click acceptance or rejection notifications

Easy Screening. Intuitive Platform.

Modern background check software designed for efficiency.

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