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As the most recent feature release for Delve Explorer Pro, AppSuite is a completely customizable tool which both Employment and Tenant screening clients can use to collect applications. The Application can be configured specifically to individual job or property requirements. Job and lease applications can be made vailable to the applicant via an email invitation.

For clients that do not have a job or property board on their corporate website, you can provide them a link that they can put on their website that will send potential applicants to their DigitalDelve hosted Job or Property board. From there, applicant can search through available jobs or properties for lease and put in their application by clicking on the Apply Now button.

Your clients can monitor applications in progress through their AppSuite plugin located in the client portal. Once the applicant has released the application, your client can review it and determine whether or not they want to order the background check. AppSuite is fully integrated with the Delve Alert Matrix and Delve Risk Assess components which will allow your client to make accept or reject decisions and deliver all notifications.

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