Delve Court Explorer Lite is the perfect solution for small wholesale background check companies. We realize that as a wholesale company that your margins are often slim. Delve Court Explorer Lite is a fully functional background check software solution with all of the automation capability of Delve Court Explorer Pro. With this solution you receive our full system functionality with a single client / vendor integration. You can add new integrations as needed.

Are you spending hours doing your billing by hand? Are you tracking your penidng orders by logging into your client's systems to make sure you have completed your orders? You may not be spending money for a software solution right now but your big time investment to do everything by hand is costing you more than you think. Your time is money. Let our system do the hard work for you. Track order statuses, do your billing and even dispatch orders to your researchers.

Please contact our sales department for a true analysis of how Delve Court Explorer Lite will make you more profitable.